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  • 30 Dec 2021 @ 19:00 CET
  • 06 Feb 2016
#1 Posted: 27 Dec 2021 @ 23:04 CET quote
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How can i host games in IccUp? Is there a post explaining step by step how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

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  • 22 Oct 2020
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    https://iccup.com/community/thread/1567927/page1.html#post11431614 оскорбления

#2 Posted: 01 Jan 2022 @ 18:27 CET quote
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Game commands

/host mode gamename (for example /host ap join fast, where «ap» is mode and «join fast» is gamename) — Creates public game, works only in channel.

Available modes: ap/rd/cm/sd/ar

/private /priv — Sets created game to private.

/public /pub —Sets created game to public.

/unhost— Deletes your game, works only in game.

/start— Starts your game, won`t work if there are < 10 players.

/holdnickname— Reserves slot for specified player, whose nicknameyou entered.

/kick— Kick player from specified slot (for example kick 9)

/ban — Ban player from specified slot (for example ban 9)

/close — Closes specified slot.

/open — opens specified slot.

/closeall— Cloeses all slots.

/openall— Opens all slots.

/swap /switch — Swaps players in specified slots.

/nah — Disallow/Allow players without antihack join in to your game.

/stats— Shows your ladder statistics.

/clearstats YES— Clears your ladder statistics. Can be used once in two weeks.

/defaultbot [RU/EU]— Shows/sets default bot location.

/banlist check(/banlist c) — Checks this player in your banlist.

/banlist ban(/banlist b, /b ,/banleaver) — Adds this player to your banlist.

/banlist unban(/banlist u) — Deletes this player from your banlist

You can always type /help at a server chat, to get a full list of commands

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