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  • 19 Oct 2019 @ 01:00 CET
  • 01 Oct 2019
#1 Posted: 16 Oct 2019 @ 10:56 CET quote
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Again, an admin has made a mistake, twice in the same month now!!

Admin iCCup.Timon has banned player masterbeer as he is accused in this thread of feeding with leaver:

masterbeer was playing his own hero all game (Morphling)

It was clearly Skeleton King who was giving up on playing and standing idle in base/fountain who was playing the leaver hero and feeding with it.

masterbeer had nothing to do with this and if you watch the replay/read the transcrypts you will see this.

Therefore, masterbeer is wrongfully banned, not because of facts or evidence but because some other player THINKS it was him, which is not true.


Unban masterbeer

Stop banning me for no reason at all (see previous post as well)

Have a conversation with a person before banning him.

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