Take part in the race and get ahead with ladder bonus

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I. General Information:

Tournament type: 1х1

Game mode: All Pick/Same Heroes/Only Mid/No Powerups (-apshomnp) / (-shomnp)

Map: Last map on RU1 bot.

Tournament format: Single Elimination.

Max number of players: Sets by EU Tournaments SA.

How to create the game:

/chost dota

/chost dotaref (Observers: EU Tournaments admins or people who were admitted by EU Tournaments SA).

/chost dotaobs (Observers: EU Tournaments admins, official streamers of the tournament or people who were admitted by EU Tournaments SA).

II. System conduct:

2.1 Mode -apshomnp (or -shomnp), 4 fakes /addfake 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10, Hero picks with name on tour.

2.2 Forbidden activate modes -noneutrals, -test, -wtf.

• If activated mode -noneutrals before the creeps of enemy born and no objections game isn't restart.

• If activated -test or -wtf game modes must be rehosted

• If player twice per round activates one of the modes -noneutrals, -test, -wtf he can be disqualified!

2.3 You must have iCCup antihack launcher.

2.4 How to host:

• to chost /chost DotA

• to chost with observers /chost DotAref or /chost DotAobs

2.5 Observers can be: EU Tournaments admins, official streamers of the tournament, or people who were admitted by EU Tournaments SA

2.6 The duration of the game — until the 2 kills or that moment when somebody will destroy 1 tower.

• Final — bo3

2.7 At the end of the game the winner must save the replay and send it to iccup by pressing special button in tournament's grid.

2.8 Swap public messages in game is allowed.

• Forbidden insult enemy in the all forms.

III. Game rules:

3.1 If you can't arrange with your enemy about bot and lat you must play on this bot with this lat:

/bot EU1

-l 35

3.2 If you've just played for the Sentinel, in the next round you'll play for the Scourge. If it happened that you and your enemy just played for one side - you must type -roll and that player whose number will be higher will, chose a side.

3.3 Backdoor – allowed.

3.4 If the game restarts it must be created with the same heroes and items.

3.5 Victory conditions — until first blood moment or moment of destroying of two towers.

3.6 If you can't solve a problem by yourself - write to administration of the tournament.

3.7 Unfair game is: using hacks or programs which can hack the game.

3.8 If the Anti-Hack Launcher kicked you from server when you started the game at 3rd time, you should inform the administrator of the tournament.

3.9 Forbidden unsportsmanlike conduct (fraud, sabotage, out of the game during a fight before the creeps, etc.).

3.10 In case of violation of the rules by the participant, depending on the severity of the violation, a warning can be issued, a technical defeat in the tournament or an account ban with subsequent disqualification can be counted.

IV. It's prohibited to:

4.1 Insult or provocate.

4.2 Skip the tournament or game:

• For 1st(or 2nd) round there is 15 minutes of free time for subsequent rounds — 10 minutes.

• You can take additional time from the tournament's administration(No more than 10 minutes).

4.3 Give mute to your enemy or observer of the game. Also you can't write messages which look like as message of mute.

• It is also forbidden to write their own messages automatically issued identical mutations in the issuance of an opponent does not have mutations.

• In the case of violations of the above should inform the administration and wait for further orders without leaving the game.

4.4 It's prohibited to upload wrong replays in the tournament's grid.

• If you give good replay after that moment when you uploaded wrong replay - you won't be disqualified.

4.5 To bluff, confuse the judge.

4.6 Insult and disregard for the requirements of judges and the tournament.

4.7 Use map bugs, hacks, programs, hacks into the game and or map

4.8 Up (upgrade) the courier

4.9 Block the passage of the first pack of creeps with active abilities.

4.10 Kill the neutral creeps (Except Roshan).

• It is also forbidden to use on neutral creeps such spells: Devour (of Doom Bringer), Death Pact (for the Bone Fletcher), Demonic Conversion (for of Enigma) and Transmute (active spell Hand of Midas).

4.11 Buy another items when the game was restarted.

4.12 Participation in the tournament, if you are disqualified or are in Blacklist (including another accounts).

4.13 Registration of several accounts which are belong to one person.

4.14 Play on another account and transfer it.

4.15 Ask the enemy to lose.

4.16 Participation from an account that was registered less than 30 days ago (Tournaments SA can give a right to play).

V. Disconnect and restart of the game:

5.1 If you were dropped before born of creeps - restart.

5.2 If you were dropped after born of creeps - lose.

5.3 If you and your allie left the game before admin's decision - lose.

5.4 The game can be restarted no more than 1 time per round.

VI. Pause Rules:

6.1 The total pause limit is — 5 minutes.

6.2 Pressing pause is permitted only with the consent of the opposing player.

6.3 If the opponent has exceeded the time limit of a pause — a pause allowed to withdraw upon notice to the enemy.

VII. Limited items:

• No limitation.

VIII. Notes:

8.1 iCCup Goblin Techies 1x1 Tournament

• If you use spell "Suicide Squad, Attack!" and don't kill enemy — lose.

IX. Important notes:

9.1 All participating teams is responsible for reading and observing the rules. The administration of the tournament is not responsible for the misunderstanding of the rules of tournament. Also, the administration has the right to add the rules in the course of the tournament and can take any actions, if they don't contradict the rules.

9.2 Participate the tour with prefix iCCup allowed only with right Super Admin Tournament Section.

9.3 All claims for the result of games are accepted for consideration within 20 minutes after the game (gaming on the basis of viewing the replay), if no claims are made within the specified period, the result of the games isn't reviewed.

9.4 Super admin tournament section can prohibit participation in the tournament or disqualify a team without an explanation the reason.

9.5 Administration has the right to treat disputable issues that are not specified unequivocally in there rules, at its own discretion and decide on punishments and recovery, guided by life experience and common sense.

9.6 Tournaments Super admin can delete a tournament if less than 10% of the maximum number of participants in the tournament.

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