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#1 Posted: 14 Jan 2011 @ 20:24 CET quote
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So in this thread I will give you some hints how to present yourself to the iCCup.

If you are looking for clan you should make some facts about yourself. For example where are you from, how old are you and stuff like that. I will also make it even more easier by posting all "important" questions in here so you can just copy/paste it.

Where are you from?

How old are you?

What languages do you speak?

Write something about yourself.[hobbies,school.job etc.]

How long have you been playing DotA?

Do you have any experience in clan wars? [Did you have clan before this?]

Do you have vouches in any leagues?[if yes, which one]

Do you know how to use IRC?

Do you know how to use Skype,Ventrilo,TS?

What is your favorite role?

Do you have any replays in which you play good support/gank/carry etc.?

If you are here to present your team you should at least write some of these:

What type of clan are you? (international or local)

How long does that clan exist?

How many members do you have?

Do you play (and how often) clan wars?

Do you use Ventrilo, Skype, or TS?

What roles do you need for your clan?

What do you expect from your future members?

I hope this will help you get a team/player.

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