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  • 28 Sep 2018 @ 04:08 CET
  • 20 Feb 2016
#1 Posted: 07 Sep 2018 @ 16:22 CET quote
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Replay download:

Edit: ¿why i put the rute of replay download and is changed for "" ?

Since minut 8, i made shutle for drop units in his main, and he start making 4 goliath with range upgrade.

He move goliath maybe for check drops, but only 1 in wrong direction (¿disguise trying not to be too obvious?) and 3 on my drop.

Thats not a good proof but he said he had sight of my units, and replay show not sight in any moment, so he lied.

Anyway he was in my hacker list before the match, but i cant remember all nicks.


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