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  • 09 Jul 2018 @ 13:49 CET
  • 04 Oct 2015
#1 Posted: 09 Jul 2018 @ 04:17 CET quote
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Hallo there,

since i've returned to this portal like 2 weeks ago and was amazed that you can still play Dota 1 here.

Well however the Leaver punishment hasn't changed at all (and was the most frustrating thing and made me eventually leave in the 1st place a couple of years ago). Meaning one can still leave a game and punish all other players with a more or less unjustified pointloss (can be huge). Leaving Games does cost you points and adds up to your "leave" count. Nonetheless since this value is irrelevant for the matter of joining new games the System feels majorly flawed. Even more so if you can only forfeit matches after FIFTEEN minutes and receive a pointless (if somebody left a match no matter when or what the reasons, nobody should lose points for that matter). I understand the potential abuse if you can forfeit instantly on the other hand if people climb the ladder due to forfeited matches would be pretty obvious and could be punished or coped with somehow. Furthermore there is no Punishment in having 4984 "left counts" since you can still join games. I would still finish games with a leaver if i knew it wouldnt be a HUGE timesink AND i would lose points eventually. Playing for like 1 hour in a 4vs5 game (or even more onesided due to leavers) is usually a loss and NOT fun. Furthermore Leavers should be prevented from joining new (ladder/pointrelevant) games (since you can reset your "Left" count once a month that shouldnt be an issue, right) ! So to improve the experience on this platform and encourage new players certain changes would have to be made (in my humble opinion).


-prevent leavers from joining new (pointrelevant) games

-prevent or at least massively reduce pointlosses to players finishing a "leaver" game

-reduce or completely remove the required 15 minutes before you can forfeit a match especially when somebody already left the game

Thanks for reading

Have a good one ;) !

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