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PRO Account, Bonuses and Mutes - NEW Express PACK.

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  • 16 Feb 2018 @ 17:36 CET
  • 10 Jun 2017
#1 Posted: 11 Feb 2018 @ 19:00 CET quote
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Where are you from? I am from lithunia

How old are you? 14

What languages do you speak? english

Write something about yourself.[hobbies,school.job etc.] i like playing summoners war

How long have you been playing DotA? 2 years

Do you have any experience in clan wars? [Did you have clan before this?] nope

Do you have vouches in any leagues?[if yes, which one] no

Do you know how to use IRC? dont know what that is

Do you know how to use Skype,Ventrilo,TS? yes but i dont use them

What is your favorite role? support carry

Do you have any replays in which you play good support/gank/carry etc.? now no but will save replays from now

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