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Welcome to the Team Micro Arena Group thread. Currently the TMA group has been revitalized. I want to clear some things up for newcomers that people may be wondering.

What is Team Micro Arena?

Team Micro Arena is a UMS map that was first created in 2001 and played competitively within the x-17 clan. Since then the map has undergone several revisions fine tuned to TMA 5.8. The UMS map combines the aspects of micro, teamwork, and slowly accumulating more points through better trade offs to gain access to better and more units and heroes to overwhelm your opponent and eventually achieve the ultimate goal, to kill off the opponent’s Nexus.

How long does a game usually last?

Well a game on TMA Legends can take quite some time. On average I would say something between 15 and 20 minutes versus weaker opponents. If both teams are kinda equal it will take between 30 minutes and an hour. Few times, we played inner games which lastet almost two hours. But don't be scared, time flies and you will get used to it.

Are there any in-game rules?

Feel free to play just the way you want. However, there are some things you shouldn't do. For instance: No teamkill, don't leave locked units without killing them, don't try to suicide every unit you selected and - last but not least - try to stay mannered. Thx!

Full FAQ here: FAQ

Where to get started?

Come to op tma on Iccup Server to play with us or join our Facebook Group to be aware of convocations. Some active players now:









Feel free to add us to /F L

We are recording our games so you can watch and learn how to play:



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