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#1 Posted: 03 Aug 2010 @ 23:27 CET quote
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Hello guys,

being part of the iCCup community also means to follow iCCup's forum rules - particulary here in the Help Forum. Those rules have been made to keep a well mannered and insightful atmosphere and also to prevent problems from the start, e.g. posting in the wrong section / giving insufficient information. Due to the daily work load, we are not able to answer questions, which doesn't fullfil our standards. Those ones will be closed immediately(!)

What you'll read here, is the basic guide line where and how to address problems:

1 Do you really have a problem which is only iCCup-related ?

We won't fix your PC-related issues, recurring internet connection problems, etc.

2 Are you pissed off, because of the last game?

In case of no, just be happy and keep playing. 7.gif

Otherwise take one of the following ways:

2.1 If you got the feeling, that you received wrong points or got +1 for leaving without any obvious reason, you should stick to the Section "Ladder Complaints". Before you post there anything, please read and understand the particular rules for this section. If you still think, it's justified to complain, then use at first iCCups inbuilt complaint mechanism (tutorial here) and wait until you get the result. If there are reasons you can't make a complaint (other than being denied), you might write in "Ladder Complaints".

2.1.1 In case your complaint has been denied, you still have the chance to complain about the admin's decision. As in every sub-section read the requirements before posting in "Complaint against admin".

-- OR --

2.2 If one or more players in the game intentionally caused someone's team to lose by severe actions (such as item destroying, being afk for more than 5 minutes, feeding on purpose), you might write in "Report Abusers". In order to answer your report as quickly as possible, you'll need to give all the information which are needed. Please note, that we won't punish inexperienced players.

-- OR --

2.3 If you experience massive misbehaviour in sense of language (strongly offensive language, spamming) and or actions (abusing pause/unpause, etc.), you should stick to section "Report BM". (Note: BM stands for bad manners)

-- OR --

2.4 Any actions that make use of bugs or game modification, will be considered as hack and severely punished. Please document with all necessary information in "Report Hacker".

3 Do you have problems with your account, you clan or with the website itself?

In that case, you should create your thread in "Technical Problems"


Post in the right section, read the rules, otherwise you'll be ignored!

As little help: This little diagram tells you in which section you should write.

[img] img824.imageshack.us [/img]

If this picture is too small for you right click on it and press "view image".



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