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It is finished. (Campaign Update #6)

25 Oct 2009 @ 21:43 CET
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After almost a month of starting it, I finally finished StarCraft. I couldn't bring myself to complete it without cheating for 11 years...the ice was finally broken today.


To be honest, despite the awful amount of time it took me to finish the latter scenarios, I'm rather proud of my performance, and of the fact, that I finally put an end to the campaigns. It took me 27 days. Started on September 29 and finished the game on October 25.


I must congratulate the developers after all this, because d


"Lo mejor del humor" na xD

25 Oct 2009 @ 02:42 CET
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upcoming iCCup features

14 Dec 2009 @ 02:59 CET
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so, as i mentioned before we are going to add legal maphack to our starcraft ladder with the start of new season. We've just finished pre-public-alpha tests and it looks awesome. I am glad that noone complains, so i don't have to explain why this is actually useful. I am pretty sure this feature  will help a lot of players to improve and bring both starcraft and iccup to a brand new level of competition. On a side note, we are going to add new rang under D-. All this changes are just for you, up


Espabilados que crean partidas 2 vs 2

18 Apr 2010 @ 17:47 CET
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Nadie esta cansado de unirse a una partida 2 vs 2 y que una vez que estan los slots completos, la persona que creo la partida modifique los equipos y ponga como compa?ero al que m?s puntos tiene, dejandote a ti con un compa?ero mediocre y la derrota asegurada???, no te dan ni tiempo de ver la puntuaci?n de cada uno, tan pronto te unes le dan a empezar partida y claro luego tu no puedes salir hasta que empieza, recomiendo a la gente que crea partidas y yo me incluyo en esa gente que antes de empe


Why are very few people willing to be admin?

26 Apr 2010 @ 17:22 CET
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I sent two announcements on server, asked on the forum and in ladder and very Few people wanted to join, in the end, only 1 guy.


I'm really curious, people really don't wanna be admins? Have power to investigate and punish users.


To be honest it's really useful, for the TEAM i am in also. When we have CW vs another team or Clan League, i check all the players for Abuse, Fake flag, Shared account ,Hacking, EVERYTHING. And many times i find abusers and i ban them.


In a way that is kinda bad, becau


Marine Medic against Protoss

22 Apr 2010 @ 05:06 CET
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I still don't know the reason why Terran do not use Marine and Medic combination to beat Zealot and Dragoon. Though I tried a lot and constantly fail. So Tank + Vulture is the way to go. But just why?


In the first 7-10 minutes, Zerg can keep any Protoss effort to push out with Zealots and Dragoons at bay just with pure Zerglings… cause Zealots are nothing compared with Zerglings, and with the half-damage done by Dragoons, they're nothing too.


Marine receive the same damage from Zealot and Dragoo


Non-Koreean in TOP3 1v1 IcCup players.

29 Sep 2009 @ 15:59 CET
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After almost 1 month after season #10 started, in TOP 3 IcCup 1v1 ladder is a non-korean. It will be quite a interesting year for starcraft 1.


ICCup Starcraft Training Community [STC]

14 May 2010 @ 11:12 CET
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Hello everyone from Germany Germany                              2010-05-14


This is my first blog so dont expect it to be good since my english is not the best tho. :)


Almost 3 Weeks ago i Registered here on ICCup

(a friend of mine told me that this is the one and only Starcraft League) since then i played alot and i have written alot in the Community Forums.


Three days ago i took a look in the «Training Programm Thread» and visited the "Starcraft Training Community Channel" i was surprised that the pl


Chelo is informed about unk has made a hack

21 Dec 2009 @ 00:14 CET
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Dont forget to activate captions in the corner!


Complaint system. The future.

03 Mar 2010 @ 16:36 CET
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Hello everyone.

Sorry gramar killers, you will have to forgive me by my english. I will try to make me understand, something at least.


Last season we ended the season with a big mount of unsolved complaints. We are talking about 1500+ complaints without a solution. We had between 100-150 complaints daily, and near to 200 weekends.

The situation its a chaos, and after years, its almost impossible gather admins, because people is not interested in the position and there are a lot less people who wan