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iCCup Launcher

iCCup Launcher allows you to play DotA and StarCraft: Brood War on iCCup with an anti-hack which means games you play will always be fair.


DotA v6.83g BETA TEST

Download (10.57Mb)

Newest map, with 100+ bugfixes and changes. You can test it out on RU8 / UA2 bots.

DotA v6.83d English version

Download (7.84Mb)

Latest version of the map. Created by IceFrog. Full english version.

DotA v6.83d ru

Download (7.84Mb)

The latest version of the DotA Map. Created by IceFrog himself. Already up on all bots. (Russian version)

StarCraft Official Map Pack

Download (4.3Mb)

iCCup Map Pack v39.0.rar - The latest StarCraft map pack necessary to play on the ladder. Unzip and copy into StarCraft\maps\ directory.

Custom maps full pack

Download (310.59Mb)

Custom maps, full mappack. You will find every map supported by custom bots (hosted thru /chost). Pudge wars, LTD, and many more.

Starcraft reg file

Download (597Bytes)

If you can't see the iCCup "TheAbyss" server on your gateway list use this .reg (double click and allow permissions)