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Factors Which Affect Sealing Effectiveness

25 Jan 2013 @ 11:01 CET
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Manufacturing organizations of different product distinction which includes chemicals for use in household, cosmetic or make up products, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage field carry out an exceptionally important accountability in attaining the end-users' diverse needs and objectives. These companies must ensure the delivery of every item to every person is at its best order. Unfavorable product condition similar to dripping and faulty containers, bad, altered merchandise are a major conditions that may bring about hazardous situations.

Owing to worldwide application expertise as well as most developed producing techniques, the power to realize the best seal all the time is now realistic.

Employing the induction sealing process, when successfully carried out, may increase the value of the item. Induction sealing make the container hermetic that as a result presents a seal which is tamper resilient which prevents possible problems and create efficient certified look. The induction sealing system is likewise most suitable to enhance product shelf life and to maintain freshness that fosters end user belief.

Which are the references of an good seal:

  • A good quality seal is attained within a few minutes of the induction sealing process.

  • For total sealing — induction foil suppliers endorse Twenty four hours before the best final result is achieved

  • Over Heating — Focus on any signs of scorching or melting inside the cap

  • Under Heating — when the foil sealing layer did not melt and bond with the entire rim of the bottle or jar top neck surface.

  • Proper Heating — is established if the foil totally seals around the rim of the product and secondary cap lining materials, the bottle neck and the cap are not overheated.

  • A knowledgeable operator will identify how warm a bottle lid should get before it begins to cool.

  • An experienced eye will pick symmetric heat patterns in the induction foil and in foam backing material behind some induction foils

Effective Sealing is met if:

  • For non fragile containers, the seal can usually stand the force of dropping devoid of the cap.

  • For easy-peel seals, the seal is easy to remove without causing a foil ring. For permanent weld seals the foil will have to be cut.

  • No drip upon being dropped

Acquiring the Best SuitedSeal

As a way to obtain a uniformly constant seal, container, cap closure, lining material, and induction sealer must be well matched. To get the proper mix, our recommendation is that you consult with your cap closure lining material vendor or Induction Sealing equipment carrier. To record the energy transfer window for very good sealing results we advise and provide the actual Linepatrolman™.


The vast majority of induction sealed containers are plastic, although, glass containers could be induction sealed as well — commonly for dry such as coffee. Selecting the container will likely be determined by what product it's going to be made use of, how it will be available and how it get to the customers.

Cap Closure

The cap closure should have a flat interior area to hold an induction liner. Screw on caps make room for a wider array of hard and soft cap lining materials. Soft cap lining material is best paired with snap on caps. If using a two part induction sealing material where a foil separates from a backing material, the cap may possibly require to have features that retain the backing material when the 2 part induction material separates as the container is opened.

Lining Materials

To best decide the most suitable induction sealing material, the following might be of interest:

  • Make up of the container

  • What is the product

  • Consumption Timeframe

  • Cap Resistence any Type (eg Screw on or Snap on caps)

  • What method will be carried out when inserting the material into the cap.

Induction Sealer

Picking the right machine to meet your needs is a vital task. In determining the right supplier, be sure that they:

  1. The supplier can offer technical advice on the induction sealing process and if necessary participate in the closure and container development side of things where necessary.

  2. The supplier of the machinery either supplies or can also advise on the supply for the induction lining material.

  3. The supplier ONLY provides CE safety certified equipment.

Bottle Sealing
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